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Worldwide Barcodes

We provide cost-effective worldwide barcode numbers for use on your products in all countries. For a one-off price, the barcodes are yours for life. With no membership, No joining fees and No annual subscription required. Simple and easy.

Our barcode company is the sole barcode seller that offers certified verification reports* for your barcodes. This ensures our barcodes are accepted by many more retailers in the UK, Europe and worldwide!

David Allis - Director
We are friendly people, here to assist you at a manageable price. For any queries, please get in touch. David Allis, Director

We have tens of thousands of our barcodes in use worldwide in more than 100 countries.

Do you need barcode numbers for your products? You have come to the right place. Our company can provide valid barcode numbers at a manageable price. We offer exceptional customer service and there are no on-going fees or hidden costs involved. If you buy a barcode from us, the barcode that we assign to you will be yours for life.

Our barcode numbers are suitable for use on any retail product in the UK, Europe, and worldwide.

Our company is a “one-stop barcode shop” that aims to meet all your barcoding requirements: barcode numbers and barcode images, barcode registration, barcode verification, barcode stickers/labels and so on.

If you want to barcode your products in a quick, affordable, hassle-free way, you have come to the right place! – See more barcode advantages here.


When purchasing from Barcode1 UK you get:

An affordable barcode

Our prices start at £26 for one barcode, and reduce with quantity. This includes the barcode number, images, barcode registration and also a guarantee certificate. You pay once only, and you have lifetime ownership!

EAN-13 numbers

The barcodes are in the EAN-13 format, ensuring they meet the UK and European standard for barcodes. However, we can issue barcodes in the American UPC-12 format instead if you prefer.

Barcode Verification Service

We are able to offer certified barcode verification. This service means that our barcodes are accepted by more retailers in the UK and worldwide than those of any other barcode vendor.

Fast response

We offer an incredibly fast service. Once you order you will normally receive your barcodes straight away (for automated barcode package orders). Occasionally some orders, for example, magazine barcodes. we make manually. Still turnround is normally within hours for manual orders. Of course if your manual order is urgent hop on our online chat and we can complete your order quicker where possible. We are able to customise your barcode to your individual requirements.

Friendly and accommodating client care

Our company is highly respected and we offer exceptional customer support. There are many ways to contact us including live chat, email or phone. We respond quickly to all enquiries. Here are some recent customer testimonials.

Guaranteed ownership

Our barcodes are authentic, valid and unique worldwide. You are issued with a guarantee certificate verifying that you are the owner of each barcode number that we have assigned to you. Exclusive ownership is transferred to you and no one else will legally be allowed to use them.

International coding acceptability

Our barcodes are EAN-13 format, which means that they are perfect for use worldwide. In fact, EAN-13 is the most common barcode format worldwide. Almost all barcode scanners can read EAN-13 format barcodes, or the UPC-12 format barcodes.

We supply barcode numbers (product barcodes) and barcode labels that you can trust.