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Cheap Barcodes – WARNING

It is possible to buy or lease barcodes for a variety of prices – from unbelievably cheap to unbelievably expensive.
– Unbelievably Cheap – many barcodes for sale are cheap and nasty
– Unbelievably Expensive – why waste money EVERY YEAR paying annual fees to an organisation that does little to support you (except taking your money)

With barcodes, there are a few important things to consider –

1. The essential thing is you have confidence the barcodes

– are legitimate & legal numbers
– have been purchased correctly (by the company selling them)
– owned by you (when you purchase them)
– they will scan well (when printed on your product)
– retailers will accept them
– the numbers aren’t being used on any other retail products worldwide

2. With barcode numbers, you tend to get what you pay for.

We purchased 1000 EAN13s on ebay once for $18USD – but we wouldn’t trust them to use on a product.
When you are spending a lot of money on developing a product, printing packaging & marketing, it is false economy to try to save a few dollars on barcode numbers.
We met someone who had produced 40,000 bottles of wine – the barcodes didn’t work so his wife was having to open all the cases and relabel every bottle!

3. The service we offer is different/superior to other barcode resellers.

Please see WHY BUY FROM US  and also BARCODE ACCEPTANCE (other sellers won’t give you detailed information about barcode acceptance – instead they try to cover their butt by saying “check with the retailer”)

4. Please see for warnings about some other barcode sellers

5. We have been selling barcodes since 2007. During this time have seen many resellers come and go. We haven’t found ANY other supplier that ;

– understands the market in a wide variety of countries
– gives comprehensive and up-to-date details about barcode acceptance worldwide eg
– get verification reports for their barcodes
– will supply GLNs
– checks barcode numbers for illegal use before selling them
– offers a free & comprehensive registration service with the barcodes supplied
– we are members of the International Barcodes Network  – a network of high quality barcode sellers in 120+ countries

6. In addition, many reselling companies don’t have –

– phone number
– physical address
– company information
– detailed information about barcodes, sources, applications etc

Hence with other cheaper reseller companies, there is a very high level of risk, and less services are provided.


6 quick benefits of our barcodes

1. Quality You Can Trust

2. Accepted by More Retailers Worldwide

3. Part of an International Barcodes Network

4. Includes FREE Barcode Registration

5. Includes Barcode Company Prefix

6. Detailed Information & Support

I’ve seen barcodes that come with annual license fees and membership fees – but I want cheap barcodes. How can you sell cheap barcodes for a one-off cost?

Basically our numbers come from the same original system as GS1 barcode numbers, and are still part of their system, however GS1 have lost control of these numbers entirely, and hence they can be sold without the various fees that GS1 insists upon. (This is how you avoid GS1 barcode fees).

Barcode History

In the 1990’s GS1 was established. GS1 license barcode numbers to their members (and as discussed previously charged both membership fees and joining fees). However, there was a separate organisation in the USA , the Uniform Code Council (UCC). The UCC sold 12 digit barcode numbers to their members for a one-off cost (there were no ongoing license fees). The UCC was effectively competing with GS1. Their 12 digits numbers were effectively a subset of the GS1 13 digit system.

In the late 1990s, the UCC merged with GS1, becoming GS1-US. As part of this change, they decided to start charging annual license fees for all their members, including those who had paid a one-off fee for barcode numbers in the 1990s. Of course, many of these members weren’t happy with the new annual license fees, and so a group of them ended up in class action law suit with GS1. The members won in the courts in the early 2000s, resulting in a multimillion dollar settlement by GS1. A further consequence of this court case is the proof that the original numbers issued by the UCC in the 1990s are outside of GS1s control now. Hence no license fees are required. These are the numbers are bought by barcode resellers and onsold. They are ‘new’ numbers, in that they have never been used on a retail product, and are part of the GS1 system.

I’ve seen cheaper barcodes elsewhere?

Occasionally we come across companies offering 1000 barcodes for $16USD (or some ridiculously low price). We bought some of these stupidly cheap barcodes to test (1000 for $16) and they weren’t worth using .We wouldn’t trust them to print on any product.

Usually these companies aren’t around for long, or are very difficult to contact. In many cases the barcodes they sell are not legitimate retail barcodes. Buying barcodes at these cheap barcode prices is false economy, while you may save a few £s, that doesn’t compare to the amount it will cost to reprint your product packaging if the barcodes turn out to be non-legitimate.

We can prove that our barcode numbers are legitimate EAN-13 numbers that have never been used legally before (until you). Furthermore we check all our numbers for illegal use before sale so that at the time of sale you can be sure no one is illegally using them. There are many other advantages to our barcodes. Please see our why buy from us page for more details. If you are ready to purchase, please buy now. Look here for barcode prices.

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