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Barcodes UK offers a variety of barcode services, support and advice for our customers.  These services include;

Barcode Verification – Verification is the test scanning of an as-printed barcode to check whether it scans well. Some supermarkets and hardware chains require these verification reports for all products that they stock – this is to reduce the frequency of failed barcode scans at the checkout.

Barcode Registration – We offer a barcode registration service with our barcode packages. This provides the opportunity for our customers to register their barcode numbers and product information on the major internet barcode databases.

Barcode Labels – We print barcode labels for your products.

We also have a lot of free information. For example, information on barcode standards (the dimensions for EAN13 retail barcodes) and the dimensions for ITF14 barcodes. Also, information about barcode acceptance in retail stores in the UK, Ireland, Europe & worldwide.

If you require any other barcode services or have any questions about barcodes, please get in touch with us.


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GEN operates a range of support programs such as Global Business Angels Network, Global Enterprise Registration, Startup Huddle, GEN Space, GEN Starters Club, and Startup Open. Through the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN) and GEN’s Startup Nations policymaker network, GEN helps identify and crowdsource best-in-class policies and public programs that help entrepreneurs thrive.



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