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Retail Barcodes Guide

Retail barcodes – Everything you need to know about buying and using retail bar codes on your retail products.

To help you get started, we’ve created a downloadable Guide to Retail Bar codes that explains:

  1. The types of barcodes on different retail products (EAN, UPC, ITF14, ISBN, ISSN)
  2. How to buy barcodes
  3. Adding the barcodes to your products
  4. Registering your barcodes and products with retailers and online databases

Download the Guide to Retail Bar codes (PDF).

The most common retail barcodes –

EAN13 barcodes
UPC-A barcodes
ISBN book barcodes – for books
ISSN magazine barcodes – for magazines

EAN13 are the most common barcodes on retail products in the UK, and can be used for CD barcodes, DVD barcodes

Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

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What is a barcode?

A barcode is a symbol that can be easily read by a barcode scanner or smartphone
app, and links a product to product information in a database. Each barcode is a
globally unique number.
Barcodes are most commonly used at checkouts in retail stores. Retailers use
barcodes to quickly retrieve the name and price of a product at checkout and to
track products as they move through the supply chain. Once scanned, store owners
can be alerted to low stock levels of a particular item, prompting them to reorder in
good time.
Every variation of a product (e.g. each size and colour) requires its own barcode.

Barcode1 UK

Barcode1 UK is your local International Barcodes Network site providing genuine retail
barcodes to businesses around the UK for a one-off price.

Our mission is to make retail bar codes easy to buy in the UK. This is why we offer our
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requirements or renewal fees. We supply retail bar codes (for products) and carton
codes (for shipping boxes of products to retailers) to manufacturers and distributors in
the UK. These barcodes are required by retailers to keep track of inventory and show
the product details at checkout in their stores.

Why buy retail barcodes from us?

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