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GS1 Barcode Image Generation

Already have your GS1 barcodes but need the barcode images generated? – No problem. We provide a GS1 Barcode image generation service.

The barcodes we supply come in 5 different high quality (600 dpi) image formats. These include eps, tiff, Bitmap, Jpeg and PDF. Unless otherwise specified, we will send them through in the standard size of around 38X25mm according to the barcode specifications. However, we are also happy to send them through in any size requested.

Note – while we can send them through in the exact size requested. In general, we will optimize the image for the dpi. This produces a much higher quality image and helps ensure there will be no issues when scanning your barcode.

Feel free to contact us at any stage to discuss the ideal image size for your product packaging.

  • EAN Barcode Image (for number not purchased from us*)EAN-13

    We will send your barcode images to you in 4 different formats (jpeg, pdf, png & svg).

    Quantity Price per image
    1 £ 15
    2 £ 12
    3 £ 10
    4 + £ 8
    10+ £ 5
    20+ £ 3
    50 + £2

    * For a barcode number not purchased from our company

    (If you need a lot of images, just choose the quantity you need here, and then email the barcode numbers to us, preferably in a spreadsheet)