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UK barcodes for UK products? We provide cost-effective barcode numbers for your retail products. For a one-off price, the numbers are yours for life.

No membership or joining fees. No annual subscription. Simple and easy.

Our barcode company is the sole provider that offers certified verification reports* for your barcodes. This ensures our bar codes are acceptable to many more retailers in the UK, Europe, and worldwide.

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We are friendly souls, here to assist you at a manageable price. For any queries, please get in touch. David Allis, Director

Do you need barcode numbers for your products? You have come to the right place. Our company can provide unique, valid bar code numbers at a manageable price. We offer exceptional customer service and there are no on-going fees or hidden costs involved. If you buy a barcode from us, the barcode that we assign to you will be yours for life.

Our barcode numbers are suitable for use on any retail product in the UK, Europe, and worldwide.

Our company is a “one-stop barcode shop” that aims to meet all your barcoding requirements: barcode numbers and images, registration, accredited verification, adhesive barcode labels and so on.

If you want to barcode your products in a quick, affordable, hassle-free way, you have come to the right place! – See many more advantages here.

‘I’ve just re-ordered! So glad I made the decision to buy from you. I’ve had no problem using the previous 4 barcodes purchased over the last year with any of my retailers throughout the UK. There should be more ‘non-ripoff’ companies with good customer service like yours.’ – Sandy W

‘Firstly, just to say thanks for a fantastic service! We only ordered last night and the UK barcodes were in my inbox this morning! Once again, many thanks for a great service.’ – Wesley C

When purchasing from Barcodes UK (Barcode 1 UK) you get:

An economical product

Our prices start at £26 for one barcode. This includes the barcode number, images, barcode registration and a guarantee certificate. You pay once only, and you have lifetime ownership.

EAN-13 barcode numbers

The barcodes are in the EAN-13 format, ensuring they meet the UK and European standard for barcodes. However, we can issue barcodes in the American UPC-12 format instead, if that is your preference.

Barcode authentication service

We are able to offer certified barcode verification for your barcode. This means that our barcodes are accepted by more retailers in the UK and worldwide than those of any other barcode vendor.

A rapid response from UK barcodes customer service

We offer an incredibly fast service. You will normally receive your barcodes either straight away (for automated barcode package orders), within a few hours, or the following working morning at the latest. Our orders are processed automatically for speed when possible, but are often processed manually to ensure an accurate and personalised service. We are able to customise your barcode to your individual requirements.

Friendly and accommodating client care

Our company is highly respected and we offer exceptional customer support. There are many ways to contact us (live chat, email, phone, or fax) and we respond quickly to all enquiries. Here are some of our recent customer testimonials.

Certified independent ownership of the barcode numbers

All our barcodes are authentic, valid and unique worldwide. You are issued with a guarantee certificate verifying that you are the owner of each barcode that we have assigned to you. You will become the exclusive owner of them and no one else will legally be allowed to use them.

International barcodes – accepted in the UK and worldwide

Our barcodes are EAN-13 format, which means that they are perfect for use worldwide. EAN-13 is the most common barcode format globally, and can be used on any retail product in any country in the world. Almost all barcode scanners can read EAN-13 format barcodes, or the UPC-12 format barcodes, if the latter are what you want supplied.

Make Barcode1 UK your first choice for barcodes and you’ll avoid the membership fees, joining fees and annual fees that some of our competitors want to charge you before you can get a single barcode number! Why jump through so many hoops and spend all that money when you don’t have to? Stay clear of the madness and get your barcodes right here and now – for a one-off price with no hidden costs. Any barcode numbers created and sold by us are yours for life, ready to use on Amazon, Play or the retailer of your choice. Our standard barcodes are in EAN-13 format but we’re able to meet almost any requests, producing UPC-12 barcodes, ITF-14 codes, even QR codes for information encoding.

Why Choose Barcode1 UK? Because we stand head and shoulders above the competition. We’re the only provide of barcode number that offers certified verification reports for your barcodes, ensuring they’re acceptable to the widest possible range of retailers in the UK, Europe and across the world. Oh, and we’re cheap too, with a single barcode number costing just £20, and going down in price when you order larger quantities. We start discounting at five barcodes, and if you order a hundred they’re down to just £6 per code, so we’re confident that makes us the best value for money around.

People also ask us about UK barcode generators – but you have to be aware than any barcode generator will only create a barcode number for your internal use, it has no connection to the international database of barcode numbers. If you just need a barcode image generating, then some of the software may give you a passable result, but most won’t meet the exacting standards required by today’s retail outlets, so save yourself the time and hassle and order your barcodes from us and get verified barcodes that work.

Order barcodes online now or get in touch if you need any help or advice, one of our barcode boffins will be happy to help.


Some UK Barcodes Customer Feedback…

“BRILLIANT – that really was fast within three hours ? WOW!… really impressed.” Pat.

“Firstly, just to say thanks for a fantastic service! We only ordered last night and the barcodes were in my inbox this morning! Once again, many thanks (Barcodes UK) for a great service.” Wesley C.

“I’ve just re-ordered! So glad I made the decision to buy from you. I’ve had no problem using the previous 4 barcodes purchased over the last year with any of my retailers throughout the UK. There should be more ‘non-ripoff’ companies with good customer service like yours.” Sandy W.

“Dear David, I have just purchased 10 barcodes for the use on uk products. This is my 3rd purchase of barcodes and i have recommended you to many small producers.” Shemin M.

“Thanks for all your help, and for sending through the barcode numbers etc so promptly – much appreciated.” Linda R.

” Hey David, Thanks. Always a pleasure dealing with Barcode1!” Robin P. (Action Cameras)

“Dear David… I bought 10 bar codes from you when we first went into the retail market and was impressed by the ease and speed of dealing with your company, since then I have recommended you to anybody who has asked me how to get bar codes… Once again I am impressed both by the speed with which you process your work and also your attention to detail and honesty. So thank you for everything, hopefully we will need to come back and be a returning customer again soon.” Lorraine Martin (The Cake and Crumb)

“Just to say a massive thank you for sorting this out for me, so very efficiently and promptly. I am truly grateful to you. First-class service!” Jo.

“Many thanks for the prompt delivery of my barcode… I’d just like to say that your barcode site is a totally brilliant idea! I know a number of people like myself who have had to splash out a ridiculous amount of money to join the Barcode Association, just to get a single barcode that they then have to continue to pay for, just to keep it valid. Congratulations for offering a fantastic service!” Nick M.

“Hi David – Wow i cant believe it, the reviews where right. Fantastic service and saved me over £200.” Julie K.

“Hi David, Many thanks for your excellent service and most of all for removing the cloak of confusion from what ( I now realise) is a beautifully simple concept. You will not believe — well yes you will — how long previously it took me to get nowhere with barcodes. Thanks too for vector images which let us create accurate artwork.” David W.

“Many thanks for your response, I found your comments reflective of my original thoughts about GS1. They do seem to have a monopoly, which in my opinion doesn’t seem reasonable in this industry. Anyway, I appreciate you answering my questions in relation to the issues raised in my previous email. I’m now satisfied to purchase my barcodes from you.” Dan P.

“Hi Amelia, I am more than a little impressed with your efficiency! It is a genuinely a rare event when a supplier surpasses my expectations; you have been catapulted into ‘Supplier of the Millennium’ status. Thank you for proving that business can be transacted without pain. Needless to say you have a customer for life. I look forward to recommending your services.” Clive D.

* Our company can provide you with independently accredited verification reports for your barcodes (if you need them). This will open the door to more retailers, because some retailers require barcode verification (an official test-scan of the final printed barcode on its label or packaging). To our knowledge, we are the only barcode reseller that is able to provide GS1-accredited verification reports, therefore, our barcodes are acceptable to more retailers globally than those of any other barcode vendor.Provide Support

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Only purchase barcodes from a reputable barcode reseller.