QR Codes (and other 2D Barcodes)

QR Code sample image 2D matrix barcode
A QR Codes (Quick Response Code – QR Barcodes) are the most popular type of 2D “matrix barcode”. They can be read easily by smartphones & camera phones (if they have a barcode scanner app), and can be used in many different ways. They are commonly used to link people who scan the code to a particular website.

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    Please enter the URL (or data) you want us to encode into the “additional information” section at checkout. When we receive your order we will create your QR code images and email them through to you. The QR code images will be emailed to you in .tif,.bmp, .jpg, .pdf & .eps formats.

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QR Code sample image 2D matrix barcode

How to order & use your QR Barcodes

Websites (URLs)

If you want your QR Code to connect a Smartphone user to a particular website, please put the URL address for the website into the “Additional Information” section when checking out (or else email it through to us). We will then turn it into a QR Code for you.

Business Cards (VCards)

These types of QR Codes are primarily used on business cards. When a business card QR Code is scanned by a smartphone, an individual’s business card details will appear on the Smartphone screen. The Smartphone user will then be able to save the individual as a ‘Contact’ on their phone.

If you want your QR Code to contain business card information (VCard or MeCard), please put the following details into the “Additional Information” section when checking out. Note: if you need your QR Code to be small (eg. 3cm x 3cm), only provide us with the essential information & leave out the rest:

Job Title:
Address: (street, post code, city, state/province, country)
Mobile Phone:
Website URL:

Events (VCalender)

If you want your QR Code to contain information about an upcoming event, please put the following details into the “Additional Information” section when checking out:

1. Event Name:
2. Event Description:
3. Location of Event:
4. Event Start Date/Time:
5. Event End Date/Time: (Optional)


We can produce many other types of QR Barcodes at your request, including the following: Make a Phone Call; Send an Email or SMS; Facebook Profiles (or Likes); Linkedin Profiles (or Share); Twitter Profiles; Android Market Publisher/Package, or Wi-Fi Access Points.

QR Code Size

If a QR Code is printed onto a business card it can be fairly small (eg. 3 or 4 cm). However, if a QR Code is going to go on a billboard or poster – and people are going to scan it from a distance – then it will need to be much bigger (eg. 1 metre wide). Let us know how big your QR Code needs to be when making your order.

NOTE: If there is a lot of data contained in your QR Code (eg. lots of text, or a long URL address), the QR Code will need to be larger in order to scan well. If your QR Code contains a long website URL address, you can shorten it by using a URL shortener (eg. goo.gl).

After you receive your QR Code, please test it to make sure it works well (and let us know if you’re having any problems). You can re-size it if necessary.

Other Types of 2D Codes

QR Codes are the most common type of 2D Code we sell, however we can produce many other types of 2D Code at your request. If you require a different type of 2D barcode (instead of a QR code), just specify this when making your order. We can supply the following alternative types of 2D matrix barcodes:
– PDF417
– Data Matrix
– MaxiCode
– Aztec Code


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