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“So Damn Tanned” offers high-grade sprays that transform you into a golden Goddess or God. They are committed to quality and never compromise on … Continued
Established in 2012, Barsham Brewery crafts beers and ales on their West Barsham estate in North Norfolk. This historic estate … Continued
Punjab Pakora is a family business based in Ayrshire. The company is run by Kushal Duggal and his wife Vinita. … Continued
Surespa Ltd, established in 2014, specialises in manufacturing and distributing hot tub chemicals. Over the years, the company has identified … Continued
A pot’s best friend in the garden A simple new idea from a British gardener that will change container gardening … Continued
  Twins Products Ltd, a Leicester-based company, manufactures top-quality snacks. Renowned for its Corn Puffs and Wafers, the company prides … Continued
Rock Candy Magazine is a bi-monthly, 100-page rock publication produced and managed by a bunch of British rock journalists with … Continued
London-based Little Jamaica Caribbean Kitchen’s mission is to infuse every meal with delicious Caribbean flavours. They reflect an amazing blend … Continued
Situated at an impressive 440 feet above sea level in the Sussex Weald, Blackdown Ridge Estate offers not just extraordinary … Continued
Damn Fyne Soap is based in Tarbert on Loch Fyne, a charming village on the west coast of Scotland. This … Continued