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Barcodes UK – what you need to know.

If you are looking for barcode information for the UK, you are in the right place.

Barcode UK Numbers

The majority of retail barcode numbers used in the UK are EAN-13 barcodes. These are 13 digit numbers that come from an international database, and are encoded into barcode format using the EAN-13 symbology. This type of barcode is used on all product, except for Books and Magazines (which use ISBN and ISSN numbers respectively). The only other type of barcode that may be scanned at the checkout in the UK are UPC-A Barcodes (this is a 12 digit barcode, which while designed for international use and can be used in the UK, it is used almost exclusively in the USA and Canada).

We can provide both EAN-13 numbers, and UPC-A numbers and provide the images for them as part of our UK Barcode Packages. We can also create barcode images for your ISBN Book barcode number, and your ISSN Magazine number.


Retailer Requirements – Barcodes UKUK flag

To our knowledge there are no stores in the UK that absolutely restrict the use of our barcodes. There are a couple of stores that require barcode verification. This is a test scan of the product barcode as it is printed on the product packaging, to ensure that the barcode will scan easily when it enters the retail store. Please see our Barcode Acceptance page for details of which stores require this. If you do require barcodes UK verification, please see our Barcode verification page and wecan arrange this.


UK Businesses Using Our Barcodes

Below is a small selection of UK businesses using our barcode services. These are just a few of the most recent, as we have thousands of customers successfully using our barcode labels on their products in the UK:

Mrs Bennett’s Pickles & Chutneys

Qbag Limited

Piccolo Press

Little Comfort Farm

Jigsaw Counseling & Consultancy Services

Trade Right International


Ora Naturals Ltd

Le Mark Self Adhesive Limited

London Blinds Ltd

European Rail Timetable Limited

Honey Bee suppliers

Ecoegg limited


Eko Forest Group Limited

Key Haven Publications Ltd

Xcel Concepts LLP

Logic Certification Ltd

Kingfisher Resources Ltd



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