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Barcodes for Music

If you want to buy barcodes for music tracks, vinyl or CDs, you’re in the right place. The EAN barcodes that we supply can be used both in normal retail stores and in online stores (e.g. CD Baby and Amazon). (They are also suitable for use on audio cassettes, LPs, vinyl & any other item).

Please place your order below. The price includes the barcode number, barcode images, and registration.

  • CD Barcodes – including barcode number, barcode images, barcode registration & guarantee certificate.EAN-13

    Instant delivery – Our automated system will email the barcodes to you within a few minutes – your unique EAN-13 CD barcode number(s), barcode images (in 4 formats), barcode registration instructions and a Guarantee Certificate. (Please check your junk mail box if you can’t find it)

    Quantity Price per Barcode
    1 £ 26 each
    2 £25 each
    3 £24 each
    4 £23 each
    5 + £22 each
    10 + £19 each
    15 + £17.50 each
    20 + £13.50 each
    30 + £11 each
    40 + £10 each
    50 + £9 each
    75 + £8 each
    100 + £7 each
    150 + Please contact us.


    * (Please check your junk mail box if you can’t find it)

We supply barcodes to music producers across the UK, including Glasgow-based independent music producer Sleepy Night Records.

Sleepy Night Records SNL SILVER








Our barcodes are being used on the following CDs:

Examples of CDs that are using our barcodes


“How do I use my barcode?”

After we receive your order, we will email your EAN barcode to you. You will receive a unique EAN-13 barcode number, images (in 4 different formats), a request for barcode registration information and a guarantee certificate.

To begin using your barcode, choose the image format you prefer & insert the barcode picture into the design for your Vinyl, CD or DVD cover. You can resize the barcodeimage if you need to (but don’t reduce the width of the barcode to less than 30mm).

When your retailer receives your record, CD or DVD, they will scan the barcode number into their system & then enter the product details (name, description, price, re-ordering information) into their system. After that, when your barcode is scanned the product details will appear on the retailer’s inventory screen.

Some feedback from our customers

“Using for our third album – delighted with the service – thank you.” Geraldine

“My CD barcode has been deployed and my first solo album is up on Amazon. Excellent. Thanks once again, i’m sure i will require and recommend your service in the future.” Giles

“Thanks very much for such prompt service! That’s great – I’ll be back in future and will recommend you to my muso mates.” John

“Many thanks for the barcode great service! It’s on my new CD as we speak! May well be back to you with other releases. ” Dave

“Many, many thanks for the speedy service you provided. You make it possible for small independent artists to beat the men in suits!!” HD

“I think you may be EXACTLY what I’m looking for! I’ve just started my own business producing DVD films, and have spent the morning trying to negotiate a deal with GS1UK. I explained that at present this is a one-off production and so wanted to buy ONE barcode. No chance…So you can do this for me? Produce a single EAN13 barcode, send it to me as a tif / jpeg, etc, and then I can put it on my cover artwork and I’m all sorted? If that’s the case, fantastic. Where do I sign?!!” Lee


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