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Barcode Registration

Note – Barcode registration is included in our barcode packages free of charge. Hence this should only be bought if you need registration for another barcode that you have (i.e. an ISBN Book barcode, ISSN magazine barcode, or a barcode purchased from another company).

Barcode registration means that your barcode number and product details will be registered in the International Barcodes Database. It is not compulsory to register your barcode & product anywhere (you can just begin using your barcode as soon as you receive it). However, registering your barcode can be very beneficial because it increases the profile of your product on the internet, discourages someone illegally using your barcode and helps your barcode/ product information to appear on some cellphone apps like the Zebra app.

For more information please see What is Barcode Registration?

If you order barcode registration from us, we will send you an email to request some product information. We will then use this information to register your barcodes & products on the International Barcodes Database. That way, your products & barcodes will join the thousands of other products registered in this database. After this is done, an internet search of your barcode number (or a smartphone scan of the barcode picture) will return your product information. For more information on barcode scanning apps, see here.

NOTE – this is a service for barcode numbers that you already own. This registration service does not include the supply of the barcode numbers – they need to be obtained separately. You can purchase barcode packages here.

After receiving your registration order, we will send you an email outlining how to register your barcode number and product details.

  • Register your Barcode Number & Product

    Purchase this item to register your barcode number & product/company details on the International Barcodes Database. Information submitted to that database is also transferred to several other online barcode databases. Please note that we require proof of your barcode ownership before we will activate your barcode number for registration on the International Barcodes Database.

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    Quantity Price per Barcode
    1 + £ 15.00 each
    5 + £ 13.00 each
    10 + £ 11.00 each
    20 + £ 10.00 each
    30 + £ 8.00 each
    50 + £ 7.00 each

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Registering a barcode can be complicated – but we have made it easy.


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