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Barcode Company Prefix

Some manufacturers wish to have a unique barcode company prefix.

There are only two sure ways to get a company prefix like this – you can join GS1 (& pay their joining fee and annual fees for the rest of your product life), or you can purchase barcodes from us in blocks of 10, 100, 1000 or 10,000. We are the ONLY barcode seller that we know of that provides unique company prefixes like this.

If you purchase one barcode number, then you will not be supplied with a company prefix. No company supplies a prefix for one number.

However, if you purchase barcodes in lots of 10, 100, 1000 etc., from us, you will have a unique company prefix. The length of the company prefix is dependent on how many variations are required to make a total of 13 digits.

For example – if you purchase ten barcode numbers, then of the 13 digits, the first 11 will be your company prefix, the 12th digit will vary from 0-9 (giving you ten different barcode numbers). The last digit is a calculated checksum.

Similarly, if you purchase 20 barcode numbers, you will get two company prefixes (giving ten barcodes for each).

If you purchase 100 numbers, then the first ten digits will be your company prefix. The 11th & 12th digits will vary from 00-99 (giving you 100 different barcode numbers). Again the last digit is a calculated checksum.

Here is an example of a block of 100 barcode numbers. The product number changes from 00 to 99, giving 100 unique numbers for 100 different products.

Company Prefix