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Testimonials from Customers

Recent feedback we have received from our UK customers:

“And I thought the best thing to come from NZ was the amazing Flight Of The Conchords :-)” – Louise

“Just to say a massive thank you for sorting this out for me so very efficiently and promptly.  I am truly grateful to you.  First-class service!” – Jo

“Came across your website, which is easy to follow and navigate; having never done a barcode before, it is nice just to be able to use your company from time to time for barcodes and images rather than buy barcode software.” – Joe

“Hi, Amelia. I am more than a little impressed with your efficiency! It is a genuinely rare event when a supplier surpasses my expectations; you have been catapulted into ‘Supplier of the Millennium’ status. Thank you for proving that business can be transacted without pain. Needless to say, you have a customer for life. I look forward to recommending your services.” – Clive

“Many thanks for getting all of this to me so promptly. I can now go ahead as planned and am very happy with the service you have provided for me and will certainly come back to you in the future if I require anything further.” – Gary

“Thank you so much for the quick service – what a great business you have. I’m putting this DVD together on my own as an independent producer and editor of a new DVD. I’ll be directing other people to your site, as I have already done. Many thanks again for being so prompt, efficient and personal. And let’s not forget the help with all the bar-code images you gave me. Some of my friends in the UK spend a bomb and have to buy loads of codes they do not need by using the big rip-off companies. Why they do not use you, I don’t know. They will know if I have anything to do with it.” – Steve

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