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EAN-13 barcodes are the type of retail barcodes used on all retail products with the exception of books and magazines, predominantly in all countries except for the USA and Canada (where UPC-A Barcodes are more common). EAN-13 Barcodes are 13 digit numbers encoded in the EAN-13 symbology. Firstly you need to buy EAN barcodes – one for each unique product that is being barcoded. You will receive the barcode number and images via email. You can then incorporate one of the barcode images into your product packaging. When a retailer first receives your product, they scan the EAN Barcode for the first time and input your product information, price, stock level etc. From this point onwards when a customer brings your product to the checkout the product information will automatically appear.


How Can You Buy EAN Barcodes?

The easiest way to buy an EAN Barcode is to do it through our website. We sell EAN barcodes in barcode packages which include everything you need to get going. We sell these for a very reasonably one-off cost. You can Buy EAN Barcodes here.


If you have any questions about EAN Barcodes or would like to buy an EAN barcode and pay by bank deposit. Please contact us.


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