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Mumanu, based in Somerset, is a wellness company specialising in certified organic massage and body balms with Fairtrade ingredients. Suitable for home and professional use, these luxury balms don’t drip or spill and contain therapeutic levels of essential oils for their beautiful scent and health and wellness properties. All Mumanu balms are safe to use in pregnancy.

I first heard about Barcodes Ltd when I was living in New Zealand and did a google search for barcodes. I noticed that a lot of companies weren’t promising exclusive barcodes. They would sell you a number but didn’t guarantee that no one else would be given it too. Barcodes Ltd were the only company I found that promised exclusive rights to my barcode numbers and would therefore allow me to sell products across various platforms including Amazon.

I’ve always used barcodes as my intention was always to sell in shops. It looks very professional to have a barcode and I wanted to start out as I meant to carry on. My current product range is the Mumanu Organic Balms with Fairtrade ingredients. I sell them through retailers (online and physical) as well as Amazon and my own website. I haven’t had any problems with my barcodes.I do recommend Barcodes Ltd to people I know producing their own products.

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