Fallen Brewing – Why they chose Barcode1 UK

fallen brewery photo


Fallen Brewing Company lives in the old Kippen Railway Station.

We brew modern interpretations of classic styles with an emphasis on bold flavours.

Nothing goes into brewing our beers except pure, soft Scottish mountain water and the best malt and hops from around the world.

We run the brewery using electricity from 100% renewable sources, and waste malt goes for animal feed.


How did you hear about Barcode1 UK and why have you chosen us as your barcodes supplier?

Barcode1 UK was recommended to us by a friend. After a search on the internet plus the word of mouth recommendation, we decided to use Barcode1 UK on our products right from the early stages of product design. To date, over 60 different cans are using barcodes from Barcode1 UK and we have not experienced any issues – everything has been exactly as requested. We would have no trouble recommending Barcode1 UK to others who are looking for barcode solutions.