EasyRead Time Teacher – Why they use Barcode1 UK


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EasyRead Time Teacher is a family business based in the UK & Australia.

We make products that help young children learn to tell the time on analogue clocks – wall clocks, wristwatches, alarm clocks and teaching aids – the simplest time teaching system for children.


Why do you use Barcode1 UK?

We started our business without barcodes, but by selling our products on Amazon, it quickly became apparent that we needed to add barcodes to them. After a google search, we found Barcode1 UK. Early on in our business, I only needed a handful of barcodes for our new products, and Barcode1 UK seemed an easy way to buy a small quantity. We now have about 30 unique products – various wall clocks, children’s watches, alarm clocks, teaching aids and accessories – all with Barcode1 UK barcodes on them. See our website:  https://www.easyreadtimeteacher.com. They are sold throughout Europe, North America & Australasia both online and in bricks & mortar stores, through Amazon, our own website and a variety of other retailers. There was an occasion a couple of years ago when another seller on Amazon was using the same barcode number on a different product. But with the help of Barcodes1 UK, we were able to demonstrate that we owned the barcode and the other seller’s product was removed from sale. We’ve always found the process of buying and using Barcode1 UK barcodes to be very straightforward and would recommend them to others looking for barcodes that are affordable and easy to use.