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Dry Drinker is the UK’s No 1 ‘no’ and ‘low’ alcohol specialist. Dry Drinker only sell premium no and low alcohol free beers, wines and spirits.

Stuart Elkington, founder of Dry Drinker, stopped drinking alcohol because he wanted to start a family. He knew booze, and the weight that came with it, was cutting his chances. (Stopping was a success for him, now a proud dad of two).  Stuart knows his story is one of many that lead people to choose alcohol free, either some or all of the time; pregnant women, new mums, aspiring dads, the health conscious, the weight conscious, the medicine conscious.

Stuart’s got more than 25 years experience working in the drinks industry. From UK brewery chains to fine wine merchants in Singapore, Stuart understands how the business works. He knows a complex, well-made, grown-up drink with a finish when he tastes one.

Since he stopped drinking alcohol, about 8 years ago, Stuart has tasted THOUSANDS of no and low alcohol free beers, wines and spirits to sell through Dry Drinker. His palate is known and trusted in the industry. Craft breweries ask his opinion on new alcohol free beers. Big brands let him know first when they’re making one of their favourites alcohol free. Stuart’s got a passion for filling that gap between ‘soft drinks’ and alcohol.

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