Bean Smitten

Bean Smitten is an independent coffee roaster based in East Sussex. Head Roaster and Owner, Darren Tickner gave up a career in finance to establish the business in 2014. Since then Bean Smitten has grown steadily to roast blends for local, independent cafes, as well as a range of speciality single origin coffees for customers at home.

We were initially selling at farmer’s markets. It became apparent to us that it would be easier to get our coffee into retailers if we could add a barcode to the bag.This made it straightforward for the retailer to account for sales and to manage stock levels. After speaking to fellow artisan food producers Barcode 1 UK was a name that kept recurring. A quick Google online confirmed that this company is highly recommended. We use the barcodes on our Classic, Revive and Coffee KART blends through Amazon UK and some independent retailers.

We would recommend Barcode1 UK as a very simple, inexpensive solution for artisan food producers looking to get products carried by wholesalers and the like.

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