About Barcode1 UK

David Allis Director

Barcode1 UK is a registered company (Barcodes Limited) that belongs to a charitable trust (called Kings Trust). All profits from Barcode1UK go to charitable purposes. Our company was created so that we could supply low cost, unique, authentic barcodes to people and businesses. Our aim is to make getting barcodes easy and affordable.

Our company registration information and Certificate of Incorporation can be found on the NZ Companies site.
Our office is based in New Zealand, but we have roots in the UK (David’s mother is from Durham, and his wife Margaret was born in Leeds).

We want to help your business. Contact us if there is anything you want to ask.

International Barcodes Network member


International Barcode Network – Our company is an authenticated member of the International Barcode Network (http://internationalbarcodes.net/). The International Barcodes Network has offices in 18 countries and supplies barcodes worldwide.


“We are a small business and my husband ‘purchased’ barcodes (2 only) for our products that we distribute, however the company are now asking for $551 per annum! Can you help us to achieve the same result, for a one off cost, as advertised?” Marg R – YES WE CAN

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